Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Top 4 importance of vitamins

Vitamins are a group of organic compound that needed for healthy body growth, metabolism, body function, and development. Vitamins help boost the immune system, digestion, and many more. They play a great role in sustaining life. Here are the top 4 importance of vitamins.

Help Grow Cells

Vitamins help to develop and grow new cells. An example is, helping the body form the red blood cells by the aid of  Vitamin B12, B6, and other B vitamins and even Vitamin E. Vitamins also help the body regulate gene activity that helps new cell activate a gene which then develops into functional tissue. Another example is folate which is a vitamin B complex that manages tissue growth and functioning of cells. A good amount of folate taken by a woman will help protect her baby from childbirth defects.

Protection Against Diseases

An adequate amount of vitamins in the body helps protect the body against diseases including heart disease which is one of the dangerous diseases a human being can have. Vitamins help provide antioxidants to the body. Antioxidants are a substance that exits naturally as vitamins and minerals in foods we eat. There functions is to help the body fight against free radicals form by a normal bodily respiratory process and air contaminated with smoke.

Helps Fight Against Cancers

Vitamins by itself are powerful immune, they help fight and protect the body from cancers like breast cancer and colon cancer. Vitamins as powerful immune can also correct the cancer cell. In order to protect the body from cancers, vitamins provide us with beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is a precursor of vitamin A which can be found in orange and green vegetables that helps protect the lung against toxins which have been proving to be linked with lung cancer. A good amount of vitamin boost the white blood cells and the immune system to fight and protect against cancer.

Helps Prevent Nerve Damage

Nerve damage is an intensely painful condition which happens mostly to people up in age and people who are diabetic. A deficiency of vitamins like vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 can cause nerve damage in the body. Nerve damage is caused when the myelin that surrounds the axons that cover the nerve degenerates, which causes damages to the nerves. 

Here in this top 4 importance of vitamins, we have discussed more in details the importance and major function of vitamins in our body, how it works to keep us living health. So try and make sure to take a vitamin-rich food in your daily diet, especially when you feel ill, as it will help boost your health.

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