Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Top 6 Ways To Prevent The Risks Of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a disease that is more common among women than men. And if you are wondering if there are steps one can take to reduce the risk of breast cancer, the answer yes they are. There is lifestyle adjustment you can do to prevent the risk of breast cancer. Here are the top 6 ways to prevent the risks of having breast cancer.

Avoid Too Much Radiation Exposure

There are instruments used in hospitals and medical laps that are a high-risk factor for breast cancer especially when they are often used. Mammograms are one of this instrument. Mammograms are stapled for breast cancer surveillance that is used in most high tech screening tests. The ionizing radiation can cause DNA mutations in cells. So it is a risk factor for breast cancer. Is not healthy for a person to always do scans like CT scans, PET scans, and X-rays. To protect against breast cancer, a person must avoid these scans and only do them when it is very important.

Breast Feed

A woman who breastfeeds longer stand the better chance of avoiding breast cancer than a woman who doesn't, because breastfeeding plays an important roll in protecting a woman from the risk of breast cancer. When a woman breastfeeds longer, the numbers of cycles she has over a lifetime reduces, and this lowers the amount of estrogen her body is exposed to, due to the fact that women don't menstruate during breastfeeding. Dr. Otis Brawley MD, a chief medical officer for the ACS. said: "There is significant data that suggests that breastfeeding lowers the risk of breast cancer". So breastfeeding is one great way to prevent the risk of breast cancer.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise has so many reward health-wise. And since exercise can help control weight, exercise is good for breast healthiness. Exercises protect a person from the risk of having breast cancer in more than one way. One, it helps control weight. Women who had gained over 20 to 35 pounds of weight since their youth, stand a 40% chance of developing breast cancer. Another way exercise help protect a person from the risk of breast cancer is that exercise alters estrogen metabolism.

Minimize Alcohol Drinking

If you are a person that drinks a lot of alcohol or a person that drinks alcohol on regular basis, you stand a greater chance of developing breast cancer then a person who doesn't drink or drinks once a while. In other words, the lesser the amount of alcohol consumed, the lesser the risk of developing breast cancer. Moderate drinking once a while can be okay for people advanced in age, but it is advisable to abstain from alcohol drinking, to stand a better chance of preventing breast cancer.

Control Your Weight

In order to prevent any risk of breast cancer, you need to keep your weight in check. Being overweight will not only put a person at the risk of having heart disease but it can also cause breast cancer and other health issues. This is very important because obesity mostly occurs late in life after menopause, putting older adults at risk of having this cancer. So maintaining a healthy weight is an important goal for preventing breast cancer.

Eat Vegetable And Fruits

Eating lots of fruits and vegetables will help protect against the risk of breast cancer. Carotenoids also called tetraterpenoids are organic pigments that are produced algae and plants. They are either orange, yellow, a red in color. Carotenoids are found in fruits and vegetables like carrots, red peppers, and leafy green. According to medical researchers, women who have higher carotenoid levels in their blood stands about 19 percent lower risk of having breast cancer compared to those with a lower level of carotenoid in their blood.

Here we have discussed the top 6 ways to prevent the risks of having breast cancer. With this, a woman can protect herself from the risk and live a healthy life if these ways are applied. Though there is some risks factor that a person may not be able to control, an example is family history or hereditary, this can't be completely controlled but by paying attention to your body and applying some cautions anyone can live a healthy life.

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