Friday, 14 June 2019

Top 5 Natural Remedies For Flu

Flu also called influenza is a common respiratory infection caused by a virus. This virus can be carried by air and can be contacted through the nose or mouth into the body. Flu can the easily spread by sneezes and coughs, or even touch. A person can spread this virus even before knowing they are infected. Flu can be dangerous if contacted by people with chronic illness, babies, or older adults. Flu can be treated naturally or with medications. Here are top 5 natural remedies for flu.

Take Vitamin C

Vitamin C is great for the white blood cell as it helps boost the immune system. Vitamin C will help shorten the duration of a cold. Take about 4,000mm of vitamin C every day if you have flu and eat vegetables and fruits like orange for dietary vitamin C. The key is to take a megadose of vitamin C, but you must quit taking a high dose when you feel okay to avoid vitamin C toxicity. 

Ensure That You Get Enough Fluid

A person tends to open his or her mouth and sweat while breathing when they have flu, this causes dehydration, so it's important to drink more fluids to stay hydrated. Fluid helps your body to flush out the virus from your system. Water is an adequate fluid to take, and adding a little lemon to it is also better.

Tent Steam Treatment

Set a pot of boiled water before you, add two drops of eucalyptus oil to it, then cover your face over the pot away from the water but close enough to feel and inhale the heat. Drape a towel over your head with your eyes closed and breath deeply through your nose for 20 to 30 seconds. Continue for as long as you can go. This will help open clogged airway. 

Take Time To Rest

Rest is very important when a person has flu. Take some time rest and let your immune system to do its work. Sleep is very important, during sleep the immune system release a cytokine, a certain protein that is needed to fight infection. So you need all the rest you can possibly get for fast recovery.


Gargle is also great when trying to recover from flu. Gargle can help bring relief and tighten the membrane. Use a warm salt water and gargle for at least one minute but don't swallow the water, spit it out. You can gargle 3 to 4  times a day and it will help bring relief.

These top 5 natural remedies for flu are the fastest and easy remedy for flu. Its all about boosting the immune system to effectively do its work. What's most important is to stay hydrated and get enough rest and your immune system will do its work and heal your body. Also avoid alcohol, as alcohol will slow down recovery.

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