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7 Exercises That Will Help Build Your Butt

As exercise helps us build a strong and flexible body, so do butt exercise help to build a better, toned, and flexible butt.  We are going to give you 7 exercises that will help build our butt. These exercises are natural and easy to do. Some will not only be toned and build your butt but also work your inner thighs so as to give you a bigger better hip. Some of these exercises might seem weird but they are effective.

Explosive Lunge

Lunge exercise is one of the best exercise for strengthening of legs, building bigger glutes, and muscles around the lower part of the body. It helps build better and bigger hips to give you a well-toned butt. And again you don't need anything to do this exercise. all you have to do is to stand then lunge forward with either your left or right legs and your knee bent 90 degrees directly over your ankle while you keep the other knee pointing toward the floor. Now jump up, pushing off the floor with your both feet. Switch your legs in midair, land with your other foot forward in a lunge, and keep going.

Sliding Squat With Towel

This is one of the most effective exercises for the butt. Get a tower and stand to place your feet together and your toes facing forward. Put your arms on your waist with one of your foot on top a folded towel. Shift the weight slowly to the other leg, bend your knee 45 to 90 degrees while sliding the leg on the towel together slowly out to the side as far as you can comfortably go, then count to 7. Return your leg back to start, then start count another 7 while straightening the leg. You can repeat this exercise for about 1 minute, then switch legs.


For this exercise you will need a weight, using a barbell is great. To start, stand straight with the both of feet touching each other. Bend slowly forward to your hips position, grab the barbell bar with a shoulder-width grip. Now raise your toes with the barbell in your hand, then return to back to standing straight. Always maintain the arch in your back all through this process, as it will help you prevent breaking your back muscle. Now with the same way you lift the barbell lower it back down till it touches the floor. Switch legs and do it again for at least 7 times as you can for bigger glutes.

Lunge With Dumbbells

The lunge with dumbbell exercise is one exercise you do with a dumbbell, though it's a little energy-consuming. To start stand straight holding the dumbbells in both hands with your hip-width apart. Take a step forward with either of your legs, and your other knee bent close to touching the ground. Keep your torso be straight to the floor with the weights still in your hand. Stay in this pose for 45 to 1 minute. Now return and switch legs and repeat the same thing with the other leg. Do these lunges for at long as you can.

Leg Pulses And Circles

The leg pulses and circles exercise is another great exercise for butt building. You can get a mat for this one. To start lay down on the mat and position one of your hand just above your hips and make support on your knee along with the other hand. Make sure you keep your chest and hips forward, your the shoulders stay back. Lift one of your leg and pulse for 1 minute, after that keep it in the air for another 1 minute, after that draw clockwise circles for another minute, after that draw anticlockwise circles for another 1 minute, then switch sides and repeat the same exercise with your the other sides.


The grasshopper exercise is also one of the best exercise for butt toning. You exercise will also need a mat for this one. To start spread the mat and lay down on your stomach, now open your legs wide that your knees will be wide across the mat, keep your chin resting on your hands. Bring your big toes together and squeeze your bum down and up. After that lift your quads downwards and upward. Keep doing this for at least 1 minutes or as your body can carry.

Squat With Kick Back

You don't need anything for this exercise, just stand with your legs open, place your hands at sides, then sit back into a squat keeping weight on your heels, lift one of your legs and place it straight behind you, still keep your hips pointing forward then extend your arms. After seconds return back to your first position and then switch legs. Repeat this exercise for a while as your body can comfortably carry, then take a break.

These exercises 7 exercises that will help build our butt are very to do and they are natural ways to build bigger toned butt. Though some may seem weird as stated above, and some might be a little energy consuming, but they are all effective to give you a good result within a short period of time. 

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