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5 Side Effects Of Excessive Masturbation On Men

Masturbation is a normal activity and can be healthy cause it sometimes helps reduce stress levels, anxiety, and tension. It is okay if a person masturbates as it helps you know yourself better. But as the saying goes "excess of everything is bad," so there are side effects of excessive masturbation. Here are 5 side effects of excessive masturbation.


Excess masturbation brings about the feeling of guilt, which is one of the most common side effects Of excessive masturbation, and it has a negative psychological impact. This feeling of guilt in masturbation comes as a result of either social, religious, or cultural beliefs, depending on the environment a person is. This guilt can be very harmful to self-esteem, self-love, and confidence. In some occasion, it causes isolation, where a person isolate himself from other people because he feels he is doing something wrong or different from them. This has a negative impact on their esteem and confidence.

Premature Ejaculation

Too much masturbation can lead to premature ejaculation making a man lose control of the release of sperm. Premature ejaculation is a sexual disorder that is common among men, but it can be corrected. Though masturbation is a normal sexual behavior like every other behavior. Excessive masturbation and ejaculation can result in excess production of the stress hormone, an unhealthy abundance of this hormones will make the brain and the normal body function rise to an extreme level, disrupting the feedback mechanism of HPA axis in the nervous system. Which causes premature ejaculation or uncontrollable ejaculation during sleep.

Loss Of Memory and Concentration

Too much masturbation also has negative impacts on a person's mental health. It weakens the memory and the ability to concentrate. When we orgasm the rational part of the brain tend to shut down, due to the flooding of dopamine in the brain. Excessive masturbation causes men to become less sensitive to dopamine, and since the major thing one enjoys from masturbation is a pleasure, we tend to lose interest and concentration on the thing that doesn't give that kind of pleasure but is rewarding. Sometimes it gets to a point where you are not sure of the things you did, for example, things like if you turn off the light, where or the way you parked your car, etc.

Back Pain

In many cases, people who masturbate excessively have reports of pain around their lower back, some says it is a result of the way a person is during masturbation. Though some doctors say it is a result of long-held urine during the time of masturbation. Also, they may even get cramps or pains in the pelvic area or in the tailbone region.

Erectile Dysfunction

Excessive masturbation can cause erectile dysfunction. Excess masturbation can lead to the softness of organ or weak erection and the inability to participate in sexual intercourse with a partner over an extended period of time. Due to excessive masturbation, the muscles in the pelvic region and the sex organs grow weaker. Though excessive masturbation is not the only cause of erectile dysfunction, there are other causes of erectile dysfunction, excessive masturbation is just one.

From these 5 side effects of masturbation, you will discover that excess masturbation has both physical and mental effects. So if a man masturbates, it is advisable to keep it moderately, for the sake of your health.

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