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5 Health Effects Of Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Excessive alcohol consumption is an abuse that can endanger one's health, though most people don't really understand what these dangers are, so tend to take it common because they really don't understand the risk involved. Knowing some of the effects of the abuse of alcohol consumption will give a person insight into the risk involved. Excessive alcohol consumption has been one of the major cause of accidents today, breaks marriages and destroy careers. That notwithstanding let's look at the health effect of this.  Here we have 5 health effects of excessive alcohol consumption.

Can Lead Cancer

Taking alcohol excessively increases a person risk of having cancer. Alcohol is described as a group one carcinogen according to the international agency for research on cancer. A group one carcinogen is any substance, radionuclide, or radiation that forms cancer in living cell tissue. This means excessive alcohol in the body forms acetaldehyde (a strong electrophilic chemical compound form by the metabolism of carcinogen and alcohol) in the human body. Acetaldehyde bond with DNA to cause cells to be replicated wrongly, and causes cancer.

Can Cause Anemia

Excessive alcohol consumption can cause anemia. Anemia, a condition in which the capacity of the blood which transports oxygen to the tissues is reduced due to the low amount of red blood cell or low hemoglobin. Excessive alcohol leads to anemia with long-term consequence. This means that too much alcohol consumption has toxin effects on the blood, liver, and every part of the hematologic system. Suppresses the production of red blood cell produces hemoglobin and cause anemia. It is of personal interest to take alcohol moderately or consumption abstain completely from it.

Can Cause Cardiovascular Disease

Too much consumption of alcohol can cause cardiovascular disease. The cardiovascular system which is made up of the heart and blood vessels is what transport nutrients to every part of the body. these nutrients are delivered to every part of the body through the blood vessels from the veins, arteries, and capillaries. When a person takes alcohol the bloodstream absorbs the alcohol directly from his or her small intestine and stomach, and this affects the cardiovascular system. This can result in high blood pressure and later cause a heart attack due to the continuous abuse of alcohol. It is better to reduce the amount consumed or completely abstain for a healthy heart.

Can Cause Pancreatitis

The abuse of alcohol is among the most common causes of pancreatitis. The pancreas is a flat long gland located that is located behind the stomach at the lower back in the human upper abdomen, its function is to convert food to fuel for the cells in the body, which regulates blood sugar and produces enzymes that aid digestion. Pancreatitis is the inflammation of the pancreas. Pancreatitis occurs when digestive enzymes that are still in the pancreas become activated, whereby disrupting the pancreas cells which results in inflammation.

Can Lead To Cirrhosis

Consuming too much alcohol consumption can lead to a person having cirrhosis. Cirrhosis, a liver disease that has different causes such as,  hepatitis, excessive alcohol, and metabolic deprivation which replaces normal liver tissue with scar tissue. Cirrhosis can be caused by long-term consumption of alcohol. Cirrhosis is progressive, this means that cirrhosis starts from a smaller disease such as a fatty liver disease then advance to hepatitis and then develop to cirrhosis, which is the most dangerous liver disease associated to alcohol.

Here we have discussed the 5 health effects of excessive alcohol consumption and have given you the inside of how the abuse or excessive consumption of alcohol has dangerous health consequences, which ranging liver disease to cirrhosis of the liver and other health issues including cancer, cardiovascular disease, e.t.c. alcohol, it which be occasionally and moderately for a healthy heart.

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