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Top 5 Importance Of Vitamins

Vitamins are very important to the body because of their numerous functions, from immunity boast, to build strong bones, to digestion. They play a great role in the maintaining of good and healthy body. Here are top 5 importance of vitamins.

Diseases Protection

Vitamins is important because they help protect the body against diseases like heart disease(one of the most dangerous diseases for human being). Vitamins gives antioxidants to the body. Antioxidants are known as substance that exits naturally as vitamins and also compounds like minerals in foods we eat. This substance help the body to fight against free radicals form in the body by a normal bodily respiratory process and also air contaminated with smoke.

Growth Of Cells

Vitamin like Vitamin B12, B6 and even Vitamin E, are vitamins that help the body form the red blood cells. They also play a great role in regulating gene activity that helps new cell activates gene to develop into functional tissue, they also help in the the building of skin tissue. Folate manages tissue growth and also functioning of cells. Folate also helps protect women from the risk of child birth defects. Therefore it is very important for  for a woman that is up to the age of bearing children to always take a good amount of folate.

Protect Against Nerve Damage

Vitamins help protect the body from nerve damage. Nerve damage is a strong and intensive painful condition that happens to people that are diabetic and people that are advance in age. A deficiency of vitamins such as vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 causes nerve damage. Nerve damage happen to a person when the myelin that surrounds the axons which cover the nerve degenerates and damages the nerves. An adequate amount of Vitamin B complex and vitamin E help prevent nerve damage as well as heal nerve damages.

Fight Cancer

Vitamins are important because they are powerful immune which helps the body to fight against cancers such as breast cancer and colon cancer. Vitamin A produces Beta-carotene which helps in protecting the lung against toxins which are linked to lung cancer, and these Beta-carotene are found in green vegetables and orange. Taking a large amount of vitamin will boast the strength of the white blood cells and also enhance our immune system to fight against threats of cancer in the body.

Strong Bones And Healthy Teeth

Calcium is a mineral found in foods, which is stored in bones and teeth from which it support the structure and and hardness of the bones and teeth. Vitamins, particularly Vitamin D helps the body absorb the adequate amount of calcium needed for these functions. Vitamin C also assist, as they help the body develop collagen, a part of the tissues which connect bones together. Vitamin A also aide in the growth of bones and teeth especially in young ones and babies. In conclusion, Vitamin A, C and D helps build strong bones and healthy teeth.

With this top 5 importance of vitamins a person can easily understand the a few of the numerous function of vitamins in the body, and how essential it is for the body to have an adequate amount it.

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