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4 Importance Of Carbohydrate

Most of the nutrients in the foods will eat is broken down into three major groups. carbohydrate which is mainly sugar and starch has described the fuel that runs the body. Carbohydrate is very essential to the body just as other nutrients. Carbohydrate is very important to the body because some other nutrient needs carbohydrate to function properly. To explain more this is 4 importance of carbohydrate.

Energy To The Body

When we eat foods that contain carbohydrate, the carbohydrates in foods are break down into smaller sugars. Our body absorbed these sugars and used them as energy. carbohydrate is broken down into monosaccharide before it is converted to blood glucose, as glucose they provide immediate energy to the body. The energy is been used immediately or stored as glycogen for later use. Carbohydrate is the number one source of energy for the body.

Energy To The Brain

According to medical professionals, the brain uses up to 20% of the calories we consume for energy, and glucose is the main source of energy for the human brain. This glucose is gotten from the break down of carbohydrate we eat in foods and are been used as energy for the brain. It is also said that the liver generates keystone bodies that partly serves as glucose replacement for energy to the brain during starvation, but carbs take over the responsibility once they are taken.

Free's Protein

Proteins are the building block of the body, and they are also a good source of energy. Proteins are composed of small units which are called amino acids. Amino acids are an organic compound containing amine and carboxyl functional groups combined to form a protein. The amino acid is like glucose with an exception. When we eat food with protein, the proteins are break down into amino acids, the amino acid goes through a chemical reaction that removes nitrogen from it. This chemical reaction always slows down the process of converting protein to glucose. A slow process that can not be compared to carbohydrate which is converted immediately they are taken. So if an adequate amount of carbohydrate is present in the body, it will free protein form been converted to energy, which will give it enough room for other functions. As it is only in the absence of carbs that proteins serve are fuel to the body.

Aid In Gut Motility

Gut motility is a term that is given to the contraction and stretching of muscles in this gastrointestinal tract. The gastrointestinal tract is an organ in the body which receives the food we eat, digest it, and expels whatever that remains as feces. The gastrointestinal tract enables the procession of food along the digestive tract, at the same time absorbing important nutrients from the food as they are been processed. Carbohydrate forms fibrous material, this fibrous material absorbs water in the guts after foods are digested, swells and increases the load, which helps to increase intestinal motility and expulsion of the waste.

In this 4 importance of carbohydrate, we describe ways and how the body needs carbohydrate to function properly. Starting from the fuel to the brain, to energy to other parts of the body, down to gut motility, e.t.c Though an excess of it can be harmful to the body, carbohydrate is very essential for the proper function of the body that a deficiency can cause more harm to the body.

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