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6 Most Common Triggers Of Asthma

Asthma is a health disease that affects a person's respiratory system. It is a condition that attacks the airways, narrow it and result in the production of more or extra mucus, which makes a person experience difficulty in breathing. This attack is triggered by some elements. Here we have 6 most common triggers of asthma.

Stress Trigger

Stress is the number one trigger we want to talk about. Stress sometimes can be difficult to avoid for some people, because we are not only stressed when we overwork ourselves or do hard jobs, a person can also get stress up when the person gets frightened. Even anxiety can cause stress. Yes, negative emotional changes can also cause stress, and this stress alters persons breathing dynamism which leads to an asthmatic attack. So stress can be harmful to a person that is asthmatic.

Dust Trigger

Dust is another common trigger for people who are asthmatic. Majority of people who are asthmatic are allergic to dust. Those dust mites in houses which stay on the skin of flake substance which sometimes can be invisible, but is there in the house, on our furniture, on mats, e.t.c can easily trigger induced asthma. Therefore a person that is asthmatic most make sure his or her home is always clean and dust-free. Maintaining a good level of hygiene is of utmost importance.

Exercise Trigger

Though exercise is very good for the body, it can also be a bad idea for asthmatic persons, because exercise can trigger an asthmatic attack. When we breathe the air we breath is first warmed and filtered by our nasal passages in the nose before it is sent down into the trachea, but during exercise because of the difficulty we get in breathing, we to breath more with our mouth whereby inhaling cold unfiltered air, and the muscle bands around our airways reacts by contracting, which narrows the airway, this trigger induced asthma because of the sensitivity to these changes in temperature. When the airway becomes narrow (which usually happens around 15 to 25 minutes of exercise) it makes it difficult for a person to catch his or her breath which can lead to an attack for those who are asthmatic.

Pollen Trigger

Pollen is a powder-like substance in nature. They are tiny and are produced by a certain type of trees and grasses. Pollen can also trigger an asthmatic attack. Pollen is carried by the wind when it blows, maybe during raindrops, this pollen is first broken into smaller particles which can be easily be carried by the wind. When carried by the wind, they can easily enter into a person body through the nose and further deep into the lungs and cause an asthmatic attack. It is also advised not to grow plants indoors as they can also be a source of pollen.

Cockroaches Trigger

Cockroaches are also a common trigger for some people who are asthmatic. When a person that is allergic to cockroaches smells the saliva of cockroaches, their feces, or even their body parts asthmatic attacks can be triggered. And children who are asthmatic tend to react more than adults. According to research, cockroaches are more common in homes of people living in cities with warm climates. Though they can also live in climates with cool temperatures by using central heat to survive.

Drinking of cold water

Coldwater is a very known trigger for asthma which reflects bronchial hyperreactivity. Just like exercise would trigger asthma. Drinking cold water when a person has asthma can cause bronchial spasm, bronchial spasm which is a sudden constriction of the muscles in the walls of the bronchioles, causing a person to experience difficulty in breathing. One of the symptoms with drinking water would likely be transient cough

There are different triggers for different asthmatic persons, these 6 most common triggers of asthma are very common in most to people who are asthmatic. This study can help anybody maintain better control over this condition, improve treatment and also reduce asthmatic attacks. 

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