Monday, 10 June 2019

4 Great Benefits Of Regular Exercise

Exercise is very good for the body. It benefits us in many ways that most of us don't understand. In this post, we are going to be discussing the various ways regular exercises benefit us are humans. These are 4 great benefits of regular exercise.

Protect Us From The Risk Of Heart Disease

Regular exercise lowers the risk of having heart disease. Physical activity such as exercise lowers a person's blood pressure and grows cholesterol level. When a person does exercise the LDL cholesterol in the person reduces, Low_density lipoprotein also described as the LDL cholesterol is bad cholesterol that supports in fatty buildups in the arteries, these fatty buildups when formed narrows the arteries which pave way for the risks of having a heart attack and even stroke. By relieving stress on the heart regular exercise also help in maintaining normal blood pressure, improves insulin sensitivity and also improves heart muscle function and blood flow as it protects the heart from diseases.

Help Us Control Our Weight

Doing regular exercise keeps a person fit and help prevent the gaining of excess weight. It has been confirmed that engaging in physical activity burns calories. According to the relationship between exercise, energy, and calories. When a person eats a lot of calories in food, the body converts that calories and store them as glycogen in the muscles, the liver and the fat cells for later use. The more glycogen the body shore the more the body fat cells expands and causes weight gain. There are three different ways body consumes energy, these three different ways are during the process of food digestion, the process of breathing and heartbeat, and during exercise. Regular exercise burns calories as the body use it as energy.

Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

Time to time exercises can protect against us from cancers like breast cancer.  Exercise has become a non_pharmacological intervention for the attenuation of cachexia of cancer. According to research doing regular exercise of exercising once a while is one of the best ways to fight early cancer., and it also goes as far as preventing cancer. This is also good because a woman who gained weight up to 20 to 35 pounds as they advance in age has about  40% chances of developing breast cancer. So exercising regularly is very good for women who want to stay free from the risk of breast cancer.

Aid In Building Stronger Muscles And Bones

Regular exercises will help builds stronger bones and muscles. To build stronger bones and muscles exercises like running, walking and weight-lifting, is exercise a person should do.  Exercise reduces the risk of hip fracture, reduce the chances of getting osteoporosis as a person get older, and also slow the loss of bone density that goes with old age. Exercise is also good for children as it also helps build strong bones for children. Children should get involve in exercise like running and soccer as they are some of the best exercise for the building of stronger muscles and bones for children.

This 4 great benefits of regular exercise are to help us understand that exercises are not supposed to be an option but an essential part of our daily activity, as we explain the great benefits of doing it. This 4 great benefits of regular exercise are easy for everyone to do but it is also advised that people with asthma should not involve in these exercise except it is recommended by a health professional. 

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